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Thursday Items

-- Baseball dispensed with Radford yesterday; softball took two from Charlotte; men's tennis beat Georgia Tech this morning in the opening round of the ACC tournament. Lee Fowler scheduled parade in his own honor, took nap.

-- A well-known blogger revealed his true identity and lost his job at the Washington Post. Maybe I should have thought about this whole blog moniker thing a little harder.

-- The Astros can't catch a break with Miguel Tejada. First they acquire him the day before he's implicated in the Mitchell Report, and now they've learned that he's actually two years older than they'd thought. D'oh.

-- From the Washington Times:

Maryland's signing of junior college guard Tyree Evans today got me thinking about just how much the Terrapins have leaned on the JUCO well to find spare parts (or more) in recent years.

It's quite a bit. And some extended research in my home library (and sifting through Al Gore's Invention) uncovered this score for junior college transfers coming into the ACC since the 2001-02 season:

Florida State: 6
Maryland: 5 (well, now 6 with Evans)
Everybody else: 6

If you include the waning Big East years for Miami and Virginia Tech, those schools move up to five and four JUCO transfers, respectively.

-- "Thank you, Your Holiness. Awesome speech."

Killer oration, dude!