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Some comments from selection committee chairman Larry Templeton:

Templeton said the decision to award the ACC a fourth host site did not necessarily come down to a debate between North Carolina State (which won the bid) and Georgia Tech, which had a slightly stronger RPI and won the head-to-head meeting against the Wolfpack in the ACC tournament, but finished 3 1/2 games behind NCSU in the regular season standings.

"There was a debate with a number of schools for spots. I don’t know that I would say that it came down to a debate between two ACC teams for that last spot," Templeton said. "Certainly Georgia Tech had an attractive bid, they’ve been a great host for us in the past, but we’re happy with the ACC bids . . . North Carolina State’s overall record, their finish in the conference, and certainly their financial bid and certainly their facility (were determining factors)."

More to come.

Here are a few opposing hitters to watch this weekend:

Brett Sellers JMU .414 .473 .752
Alex Foltz JMU .371 .476 .574
Steven Caseres JMU .349 .440 .749
Rob Lyerly UNCC .367 .422 .705
Chris Taylor UNCC .343 .432 .635
Justin Smoak USC .377 .502 .745
Reese Havens USC .363 .490 .637
James Darnell USC .310 .385 .584
Phil Disher USC .309 .390 .614