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It's a point guard!

According to Pack Pride, Sidney Lowe received a commitment from point guard Ryan Harrow, who will join CJ Leslie in the Wolfpack's 2010 recruiting class.

At 6-0, 155, Harrow is a bit undersized, but he's not finished growing. (And if this is accurate, he's grown six inches over the last two years.) Here's an encouraging report from Rivals:

There may not have been a guard in the entire tournament field that was faster and more slippery than the 5-foot-10 guard from Walton High School in Marietta, Ga. Harrow was a blur with the ball in his hands and because of his size and speed, he was able to sneak into small cracks in the defense.

His frame is tiny but his game was big. Harrow's ball-handling skills and overall basketball are tremendous for a 2010 prospect. He'll have to continue to fill out, but his game was one of the best of any point guard in the tournament.

Lightning quick with a good handle? Yes, please.


"He's slippery," Young said. "You can be quick and fast, but being slippery is different. He can get into creases and stuff that a lot of guys can't get into. That is the ability he has that he has to perfect."

Young said Harrow compares favorably to his peers in Georgia.

"From a speed aspect, there are very few guys in the 2010 class in Georgia that can go end-to-end and make their speed an advantage on the floor," Young said. "That will be his advantage, no matter how big he ends up."

Harrow also comes with the added bonus of being pals with Lorenzo Brown.