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Marquette added to hoops schedule?

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Sounds like it:

Barring any unforeseen hangups, the Marquette Golden Eagles appear to have added a marquee home-and-home opponent to their schedule beginning this season: North Carolina State.

Assuming the Wolfpack is able to find an alternative date for an already-scheduled guarantee game, it would host MU in December, sometime prior to Christmas.

Good deal. Although trying to stop Jerel McNeal and Dominic James is going to be a nightmare. In addition to the offense they bring to the table, they're also adept at generating steals at the defensive end. Yeah, should be fun.

The game we need to move may be against High Point:

N.C. State will pay High Point a significant amount of money to come to Raleigh. The game was originally scheduled for Nov. 22, then moved to Dec. 22 by the Wolfpack. Now Lundy recently received word that State wants to switch dates again.

So, the non-conference games we know about:

High Point

Am I missing any?