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Movin' On

Celebration V

Regional Champs

Man, what a day--and a weekend.

-- Naturally, after three days of non-stop tension, the clinching out had to come in the tensest possible way. Scott Wingo hit a tough grounder down the 3rd base line, which Drew Martin gloved nicely; but Martin slipped as he turned toward 1st base and had to hastily reset his footing before throwing the ball. Wingo was only out by a step or two.

-- The bullpen worked over 15 scoreless innings this weekend, according to Tony Haynes; it wasn't surprising that we didn't come back with Surkamp after the rain delay, considering. Seven runs allowed in three games overall. Holliday pushed all the right buttons. (Now, if I can just get him to put a "Do Not Use Before 7th Inning" note above that damned Sacrifice Bunt button...)

-- Scouts representing the Phillies, D-Backs, and Cubs were on hand.