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To no one's surprise...


1. Clemson (59 first-place votes) 383 points; 2. Wake Forest (5) 304; 3. Florida State (1) 265; 4. Boston College 154; 5. Maryland 147; 6. N.C. State 112.

In the Coastal Division, both Georgia Tech and Virginia received a first place vote. Ballsy picks, those. Stupid, but ballsy.

Also, as Andrew Carter points out, this is the first time FSU has not been picked to win the conference/Atlantic Division:

The previous fewest number of votes FSU received to finish in first place came in 2003, when the 'Noles earned 35 first-place votes. They topped that media poll, too, by the way. Before today, FSU had been voted to either win the league outright or win its division every year since the school joined the conference before the 1992 season.

But no longer.