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Thursday Items

-- Heather Dinich caught up with Russell Wilson:

His desire to be NC State's quarterback kept him busy -- Wilson literally went from one field to the next.


"I was a little bit," he said, "but I would never tell anybody. Mainly I would never tell myself that. You get tired waking up at 4:20 in the morning, every morning, anyway. There are so many people in the world who wish they could do the things I could and other players in the ACC could, like step on that field, and I realize that."

-- spoke with JJ Hickson after his impressive summer league debut.

-- From a Technician piece on summer camps:

Petercuskie, who coached at Boston College under O'Brien from 1997-2006, said the camps are growing both in numbers and in the number of players offered from the camp, though he would like to see even more players in the system come through camp first.

"In the 10 years at BC, about 40% came through camp," Petercuskie said. "Now it's growing, but we have not gotten to that point yet. All of our staff, and coach O'Brien in particular, love to see guys work up close and personal-and that's the bottom line."

"We've been doing this a long time, and we've been fooled many times on tape, but rarely do we miss out on a guy we get to see in person."

-- This is greatness. (ht: mgoblog)

-- Every now and then, I stumble onto something strange via Google news. Did you know there was another NC State?

A great time with a new twist.

That's the word on Rock N.C. State, which has replaced Rock-n-Ribs as North Central State College Foundation's summer festival.