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A Tough Day For The Lowes

Coach takes the stand:

N.C. State Basketball coach Sydney Lowe took the stand for his son this morning, telling the judge what his son did is not who he is.

Sidney Lowe II faces serious time for the charges he pleaded guilty to yesterday in court. The judge still hasn't sentenced the 23-year-old. He continues to hear testimony about Lowe's character.

Sidney Lowe Sr. took the stand in support of his son. Often wiping away tears as he testified and as he asked the court to have mercy on his son. "I mean obviously I love my son. First off I want to say sorry to the victims. No one should have to go through what you went through. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. That wasn't my son."

News 14 has some video.

Update: Lowe II gets 15 months.