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Come on, come on, the club is open.

Kickoff happens in less than 24 hours, I'll be on my way to Columbia in less than 12, and you know, despite everything that has happened during fall camp, I can't help it--I'm excited. I think there's even some optimism in there somewhere. Not sure where that's coming from. Maybe it's the delirium fostered by a long off-season, maybe it's the gin and tonics I've been drinking all night.

I haven't had much success with road games; since the win in Austin I attended in 1999, I've gone to about a road game a year, and NC State has lost all of them. Some left permanent scars (Maryland '02, UNC '04), while most of the others made me wonder why I was wasting my time (Wake '03, '07; GT '01, '03 (I decided at the last second not to go to Atlanta in 2005, and we won there for the first time since like Taft was in office. Not a coincidence.)).

No matter--this is no time to consider such things rationally. Football's back! And for just a little while longer, anything is possible.