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Donald Bowens Out For The Season

From Pack Pride:

"Bowens is out – he's done," O'Brien said. "He's got a fractured spine... well not a fractured spine I said that wrong. He has a hairline fracture. So he's out for the year."

O'Brien said he's not sure when the injury occurred.

"We don't know," O'Brien said. "He never really got going. He went out and tried it one or two or three days and then couldn't practice anymore. He had a series of tests done that came back yesterday."

He also said he wasn't sure if the injury could be considered career-threatening.

"I don't know that. They are going to recheck him in three months or something. It's gotta heal. Once it heals I would think.... I would hope. I dunno."

Well, this pretty much ruins my day. Goddammit.