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Lee Fowler Joins Blogosphere; Lunatic Fringe Membership Pending

Among the new features at is a blogs section, although the blogs aren't very bloggy. Lee Fowler is going to be a weekly contributor with what promises to be a no-holds-barred look at the athletics department. Let's see how that's going so far:

In another week, we will start being rewarded for all the off-season planning. Students start returning to campus. Parking spaces are harder to find. For me, having spent my entire career on a college campus, that time is so special.

Seeing our upperclassmen and how much they have grown and matured is satisfying. You can always see a different hunger for the seniors who know they only have one more chance to fulfill their collegiate dreams. And meeting the newly arriving freshmen and transfers, their eyes full of hope and potential, means just as much.

Developing these talented young people and seeing them compete is the great reward of our profession. This time of year, you can see that on the faces of every member of our staff.