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Wednesday Items

-- Mike Glennon will redshirt:

O'Brien said true freshman Mike Glennon will redshirt and that Harrison Beck will be the third quarterback. Justin Boyle's decision to transfer to Louisville, revealed on Monday, thinned the herd slightly, but the process isn't complete.

When Omar Epps's character in The Program fumbled during practice, he was required to carry a football to class every day, and if he was ever caught without it, ooh snap, son, there was gonna be big trouble. I think TOB should demand the same of Mike Glennon, except he has to be holding a protein shake rather than a football.

-- spoke with Sidney Lowe: Courtney seems excited about playing more of a wing forward position, as opposed to shooting guard.
Lowe: That is something that we are going to look at doing, especially on this trip. It certainly should give us an advantage, because of his quickness in that position. He will sometimes be playing against some taller guys. He is very active on the boards from that position. He can crash the boards, especially on offense. That will free him up, as opposed to being in the backcourt trying to defend against the fast break. I think it will be great for our team and for Courtney.

-- South Carolina's quarterbacks remain unimpressive:

"We're generally pretty slow at this time," Spurrier said Tuesday, just after USC's final preseason scrimmage. "We're always slow against our defense, no matter how good or how bad our defense is. I don't know the answer. We look better on the practice field than we do in (Williams-Brice Stadium). I don't know why. It's not a good omen.

"We've got a lot of work to do. Sometimes it's good not to be overconfident going into the year. We need to get some first downs. The offense is struggling. But we'll get it figured out."

-- As part of his punishment for being busted for underage drinking, Ty Lawson will have to write an essay. I feel his pain; I had to write a two-page essay when an RA caught me with alcohol. Still have that essay, in fact. Word count: 530. BS percentage: 89.7. (There were some words I meant sincerely, like I, has, if, and ... plus I always punctuate with a purpose.) Here's an excerpt: "Fuck this dumb ass shit. Screw Flanders. Screw Flanders. Screw Flanders."

According to WRAL, Lawson's paper has to be four pages long. If I were him, I'd set the font size to one million so that the entire thing reads "I'M REALLY SOR."

-- The Technician outlines a few fall story lines--depressing ones, mostly:

Let's let the numbers speak for themselves: 56-game ACC losing streak. 3-143 against ACC competition this millennium. Needless to say things haven't gone as third-year coach Charita Stubbs planned when she took the job in 2006. The three-year mark usually is the point when a coach should have plenty of his or her players in a program and can be more fairly judged. It will be interesting to see if any improvements can be made this year.

Three-and-143. During my four years in the Student Wolfpack Club, I saw at least part of about 30 of those losses. God, the things I did for football and basketball tickets.

-- What the hell kind of pep talk is this, Lou?