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Yay Practice

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Ken Tysiac has a few observations worth noting:

Glennon is listed at 6-foot-6, an inch shorter than offensive tackle Jeraill McCuller. But Glennon obviously was the tallest player on the field Thursday as N.C. State started practice.

It seems likely that Glennon will redshirt. His footwork isn’t as polished as that of his teammates yet, and it’s difficult to imagine him learning the offense quickly enough to be ready to start in the Aug. 28 opener at South Carolina.

Nonetheless, he seems to have a strong arm, and he certainly won’t have trouble seeing over his linemen when he is in the pocket.


But judging by pure physique, wide receiver Geron James is impressive. He is listed at 6-foot-3 and 220 pounds after earning his way back on the team. James, a junior, was not enrolled in school last fall but returned in the spring with a renewed desire to be part of the team.

More than some of the other receivers, James appears capable of catching a pass and steamrolling over a clinging cornerback to break into the open field.

And I think Tim Peeler has answered the "what do we nickname our running backs?" question: the Red Cross Brigade.

Check out Donald Bowens's guns.

(Also, here's the preseason coaches' poll. The Ol' Ball Coach didn't vote for Duke.)