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Beck Still Ahead Of Wilson On The Depth Chart

Per Heather Dinich, that's what Tom O'Brien said during this afternoon's teleconference. It's just Monday, so this may not mean much of anything. Since Wilson was listed as doubtful for USF and suited up, I tend to think he's day-to-day and will be probable for BC. TOB, of course, declined to offer an update on Wilson's status.

Update: From WRAL:

N.C. State quarterback Russell Wilson and linebacker Nate Irving are currently listed as out for Saturday’s game against Boston College, but coach Tom O’Brien said the status of any injured player is likely to change at any time.

"Anybody not on the depth chart is [wait and see]," O’Brien said. "[Harrison] Beck is listed as the starter and we’re going into the week with him preparing to play."

Here's the depth chart.