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George Selvie Eats A Lot

ESPN's Wright Thompson tries to match him bite for bite. Any article that includes this phrase...

the Tinkers-to-Evers-to-Chance of pork: bacon and sausage and ham an article worth reading.

Jim Leavitt announced that Selvie, who hasn't practiced this week, will not start on Saturday:

"(McClain and Selvie) did some things, but not a lot," Leavitt said. "We're going to take them both, but we're getting the other guys ready. Is there a chance they might play? You know, maybe. Probably a long shot. ... Selvie's not going to start no matter what. I'm not going to allow it, just because he hasn't practiced. These other guys have taken all the reps. That doesn't mean George won't play a lot of football, but we're going to start guys who have practiced and worked hard."

The St. Pete Times caught up with Harrison Beck:

"They play pretty good defense, but the turnovers are usually backbreakers," said Beck, a transfer from Nebraska who started four games last season before suffering a shoulder injury. "Against Kansas, they sealed the deal at the end with a pick off the post route, and last year against West Virginia, their linebacker picked Pat White and returned it for a touchdown."

Avoiding turnovers will be a key for Beck, whose career numbers against BCS opponents are zero touchdowns and nine interceptions.

Speaking to WRAL, TJ Graham offeredd this priceless comment about Beck:
"[Beck’s] a gunslinger," Graham said. "He throws it wherever, whenever. You could say Daniel and Russell are a little more conservative and use their brain to throw it while Harrison uses his arm a lot to get the ball where it needs to go."

Wherever, whenever, baby. Because the receivers are always open, even when they aren't. Fuckin' A.