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Thursday Items

Apologies for the lack of anything lately; turns out that moving is time consuming. Anyone get hurt while I was out? (Of course someone did.)

-- They're serious about mopeds in Clemson:

Coach Tommy Bowden said he isn’t considering banning moped use, since they’re a way of life for 10-12 players.

"We’ve got so many of them that (have them) that it’s just a way of transportation," Bowden said. "I’ve never really thought about (a ban) and I don’t think I will, although I thought about it briefly. It’s a shame, because between him and Thomas Austin, that’s our experience."

Their matching leather jackets are on back order.

-- Chris Hairston's accident has the Tigers in a tough spot:
Whether he likes it or not, he’ll be starting three freshman offensive lineman in Saturday’s noon kickoff against N.C. State — something Clemson hasn’t done since 1943.


"I don’t feel real good about playing freshmen up front, to be honest with you," he said Wednesday.

I think that's... yeah, that's a faint sliver of hope. Crap. I thought I was going to have a week off. Where the tinge of optimism comes from at this stage, I have no idea. Beer's killed my short term memory, so I generally don't remember what happened in the week prior. That's gotta be it.

-- This week on Coachspeak For Cash: saying something and yet saying nothing:

C.J. Spiller and James Davis had big games against N.C. State last year. Is there any carry over to what you can do against them this year?
Bowden: They are a little bit of a different team. The players are playing with more confidence and intensity. I’m sure they’ve bought into Coach O’Brien’s program. More confidence and a higher level of intensity.

Judges? ... No, I'm sorry, we were looking for swagger/tenacity.

-- The Indianapolis Star examined special admissions (students who don't meet a school's minimum academic requirements but are allowed to enroll anyway) in college football. Fanblogs has a rundown.

-- The Hurricanes now have a third jersey. Could be worse.

-- Another reason why I should've stayed in Tucson for college: Arizona's got Hasselhoff. Actually, nevermind. There's no beating John Tesh.