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Amato Meets The Media

The Orlando Sentinel's Andrew Carter has Chuck's opening statement from today's presser:

"People know that and I’m grateful for the way those people have treated me and I still get a lot of letters and whatever. And as I said, they’re the nicest people in the world, really and this past spring I was with a friend, Bill Parcells down there at Miami, watching them practice. And one thing he told me, and it’s really true, he says, Chuck, don’t hold grudges because people in the football world know what you did at North Carolina State and how far you brought that program. You know, he said, you did things that nobody else could get accomplished … you know, you raised about $100 million for facilities, which [are] second to none in the country. And you brought excitement and enthusiasm and energy to that place. And sold the stadium out … we went to bowls and won bowl games and ESPN Gameday [came to Raleigh] …

"And you know what, I don’t hold grudges, because I love that great university, I always will, and I’m just not that kind of a person."