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Aw man, now, really?

Jimbo wants to 'fix' passing game:

"As an offense, we definitely established the run game and I think that is going to carry us for the rest of the season," Ponder said. "We’re still looking to fix this pass game.

"The biggest thing is we really got to get this passing game going. There are going to be games where it’s really going to come down and depend on that passing game. So we’ve got a lot of things to improve upon there and we’ll get it done."


"We’ve got to continue in our passing game," Fisher said. "I hope to get our balance back. We got to continue to keep the running game and fix the passing game to a point where we can be more efficient.

"The plays are there and we need to improve that aspect of our game."

"We're fine as long as some stupid fucking blog doesn't jinx my defense."