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Drag Days

Box Score

I try to take the perspective that the only thing I can reasonably expect on a weekly basis is that they play hard. But then they go do something like rally from a 14-point 4th quarter deficit to tie a game late and I'm reminded just how flimsy my forced emotional detachment is, and I'm sucked in again.

South Florida and Boston College have made the recipe for steamrolling the Wolfpack defense painfully clear, and the question now is how can we counter? When you make Chris Crane look that good, it's time to start mixing up the scheme a bit, and I'm confident we will. Whether it makes any difference, well, I have doubts. A smart plan of attack can only go so far.

A look at the ugliness:

 BC Total Offense
. Plays Yds Yds/Play

vs. Kent St. 65 336 5.2
vs. GT 77 262 3.4
vs. UCF 77 411 5.3
vs. URI 49 316 6.4
at NCSU 81 578 7.1

Chris Crane:

 Comp Att Yds Yds/Att Comp%
vs. Kent St. 12 18 106 5.9 66.7
vs. GT 18 35 142 4.1 51.4
vs. UCF 16 34 207 6.1 47.1
vs. URI 1 4 6 1.5 25.0
at NCSU 34 51 428 8.4 66.7


-- State's offense managed 253 total yards, averaging 4.6 yds/play; unfortunate numbers when considered in a vacuum, but encouraging considering the opposing defense, and considering that we're averaging 4.4 yards/play for the season. Russell Wilson continues to make progress--he's averaged better than 6.5 yards per attempt in each of his last two starts, and while those figures are modest, it's a big improvement over the production we've grown used to in the last two seasons. He's thrown one interception in 90 attempts.

-- Good stuff from Grayson Currin.

-- There was plenty of leg room in the Boston College section:

Saddest Visitors' Section Ever