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Monday Items

-- has a look at three-and-out percentage. Somewhat surprisingly, NC State does not rank among the ten worst I-A teams in this category. By my quick count, we've gone three-and-out 22 times out of 86 total drives (25.6%).

-- Third downs have become a "point of emphasis" for Tom O'Brien and the rest of the staff:

"I spent a lot of Saturday afternoon looking at the last month of what we did on third down," O’Brien said. "There are things we can certainly coach better and play better. We continue to do those things to try to get those guys to do what they have to do to get off the field and to stay on the field."

The coach is looking for a little anger from his defense, which was on the field for 80 plays against the Seminoles.

"It should be aggravating to them when the other teams convert those third downs," O’Brien said. "It should make them mad. If they want to get off the field, that’s the best time to make it happen.

"Historically, the defense has about a 75 percent chance of winning those kinds of battles. They have to be able to get off the field and get it done."

I still shudder at the phrase point of emphasis...

-- Here's the depth chart for the Maryland game.

-- Sorry, Ralph:

With a struggling N.C. State team up next, Ralph Friedgen asked reporters after the game, "Any way you guys could vote them into the Top 25?" Unfortunately for Friedgen, N.C. State received a whopping zero votes. And with Virginia's win against a ranked North Carolina team Saturday, it's possible this could be Maryland's weakest ACC opponent. As this season has showed, that means watch out.

Look for Russell Wilson to go Tuiasosopo on their asses, throwing for 300+ and running for 200 more. Pack 45, Terps 2 (Beck botches another quick kick).

-- Tar Heels the coloring book! Tar Heels the flamethrower! Tar Heels the perfume!

UNC Chapel Hill now has an official smell. A new collegiate perfume boasts that it captures the essence of the school. Thankfully, it doesn't smell like Woollen Gymnasium.

The $60 bottle is among a handful of fragrances targeting universities with big, loyal alumni bases. Each perfume is based largely on the university's color scheme.

What does Carolina blue smell like? Champagne, lemon, jasmine and lavender.


-- I don't know how you make a movie based on Moneyball that's anything but a complete bore, but it looks like Hollywood is giving it a shot. And I am so there. I just hope the part where Beane fleeces Kenny Williams doesn't make the film.