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360 it is...

Time to be perturbed if you're an N.C. State fan, a Duke fan or a fan of the traditional ACC. State won't be on TV for the second straight game, relegated to ESPN 360 (an online broadcast which anyone with Time Warner internet service can't get). Duke gets 360'd again, too.

Look, I understand television markets and I can read the standings but I also understand who cares about this league. It's not Boston College-Clemson, which was televised on ESPNU on Saturday instead of Duke-Wake, which predictably turned out to be a whale of a game.

It's bad enough the ACC hadn't scheduled Duke and State to play since expansion, now it's letting TV keep the game in the dark. Duke and State made this conference and just about every time they've played football since 1924 it's been an entertaining game. The game deserves to be televised.

Another week of avoiding every other game being aired in the bar for fear of seeing a score update that's well ahead of the internet feed...