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NC State 74, Winthrop 48

Box Score

NC StateFour Factors
eFG%47.3Turnover Rate9.6Off Reb Rate34.3FTM/FGA40.0Winthrop
Four Factors
eFG%31.0Turnover Rate14.3
Off Reb Rate29.8FTM/FGA14.3

 Pts Poss Off_Eff Def_Eff
WU 48 62.8 76.5 117.9
NCSU 74 62.8 117.9 76.5

-- Wow, are they ever bad. Cam Stanley and Mantoris Robinson combined to score half of Winthrop's points on 50% shooting, while the rest of the team shot 9-42 (21.4%). I thought our defensive effort was good, though some of it was definitely them just being awful. They've yet to come anywhere close to scoring a point per possession in a game; even division-whatever North Greenville didn't allow them to do that.

-- Towards the end of the first half, Javy had the ball at the top of the key when Sidney Lowe whistled at him. Javy turned to look at the coach, got his instructions, handed the ball off to McCauley, then cut to the hoop and had an open layup after getting the pass from Ben (Javy missed the gimme, but it was pretty nonetheless). I thought the timing funny, because it was like Lowe said, "I'm going to call the easy layup play now." Lowe whistled and two seconds later we had a layup opportunity. Could we do that every time? Thanks in advance, Sid.

-- How about Kendall Smith scoring off the dribble in traffic? He's Keeter with an aggressive streak!

-- Maybe something to keep an eye on: in Lowe's first two seasons, about 32% of our field goal attempts were threes; in three games this season, 37% of our attempts have been threes. That's not Princeton offense territory, but it is above average. Perhaps an indicator of guys doing a better job passing out of trouble in the post?