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We Used To Vacation

Does The Chronicle know something we don't?

The Wolfpack will have only played two games in the 34 days prior to Saturday's contest, which has helped N.C. State recover from the myriad of injuries that has plagued the team all season. Injured offensive lineman Julian Williams and linebacker Nate Irving, who is one of the defense's driving forces with 35 tackles, three interceptions and a fumble recovery, will both return to the starting lineup this weekend.

Nate was not on the depth chart released earlier this week, but another update is forthcoming today. Hope they're right.

This piece highlights the extent of our depth problems:

Michel has played 512 snaps, and in back-to-back games against Boston College and Florida State was on the field for 167 snaps. O'Brien sometimes worries that Michel will wear down but understands that he has sharp survival instincts.

N.C. State had four safeties and six linebackers last season, after O'Brien and his staff made changes. All the safeties are gone. Michel is the only linebacker who has played without interruption since the midpoint of last season.