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Enjoying The Bubble

The NCAA's 7-5 before 6-6 rule, while well-intentioned, has unfortunately neutralized our financial dead sexiness (and my we are some sexy bitches), but seeing as how this is the only revenue sport at NC State that's going to be on any sort of post-season bubble this academic year, I can't complain. And if it means we end up going to Detroit with an opportunity to hand Ball State its only loss, that's not a bad deal.

Although, just on principle, I'd prefer we keep at least a couple of states between ourselves and the Detroit Lions; Lord only knows the depth of the psychological damages that would be incurred at the mere sight of their logo, much less the use of their 65,000-seat mortuary.

Based on the scenario laid out by SFN, I'm feeling more optimistic about landing in DC, which would be all kinds of fun. Anywhere but Shreveport.