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Pizza Bowl Ticket Sales Update

From The Birmingham News:

As of Friday afternoon, the bowl had directly sold 4,369 tickets since North Carolina State and Rutgers were announced Sunday as the participants. That is more than double the amount sold in the first week a year ago.


N.C. State reported having sold 4,700 tickets as of midday Friday, the deadline for its booster club to order priority-seating tickets. Rutgers, which fired its longtime athletics director this week, was unable to provide how many tickets it has sold so far.


The majority of fans who have purchased from the Bowl directly since Sunday are N.C. State supporters.

"We think we'll have more than 10,000 there," N.C. State Athletics Director Lee Fowler said. "Whether it's all from our allotment, we'll see. We hope to sell all 10,000."

If "the majority" of those 4,369 tickets = 60% (and that estimate may be on the conservative side), then Pack fans have accounted for about 7500 tickets so far. Not bad.