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Familiar Struggles

Replace Paul Hewitt with Sidney Lowe and Lawal with a player of your choosing:

"That’s who we are," coach Paul Hewitt said. "Right now we’re not good enough to win those type of games."

Hewitt spoke with disgust about the turnovers.

"I thought the majority came from us being soft with the basketball," he said. "We were very timid. They trapped us, bumped us a little bit, and the ball squirted out of our hands or we rushed a pass."


"We just gave it up toward the end," Lawal said. "When it’s crunch time, we’ve got to man-up."

Those comments came after Georgia Tech committed 28 turnovers in College Park and blew a double-digit second half lead. Maryland shot 34.9% and rebounded just 25% of its numerous misses...and still won.

Prior to Tech's game against Duke last night, Coach K offered this backhanded compliment:

"What I see with them is how many offensive rebounds they’ve gotten. I think a missed shot for them is actually a part of their offense. They have those three big kids that go to the boards and do such a terrific job on the boards. I think they’re one of the best rebounding teams in the country."