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Timely Floor Slap Keys Duke Victory

After a Georgetown rally, Duke answered, as it always does, with passion:

"I thought Greg that was by far his best performance this year," Krzyzewski said. "What he showed was fight. He was playing really good defensively, he was attacking, and he was playing with emotion, huge boost. We don’t win the game without Greg today. No question about that."

Midway through the second half, Paulus scored five points in the middle of a 15-3 Duke run that pushed the lead, which had been dwindled down to four by Georgetown, up to a 16 point advantage for the Blue Devils.

The senior point guard followed up a running floater in the lane with a 23-foot three, slapping the floor repeatedly after to fire up the Blue Devils on the defensive end.

With Duke on the horizon (also on horizon: agony!), this seems a good time to revisit the Hustle Pyramid: