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Trevor Ferguson Ahead Of Schedule. Maybe.

Ken Tysiac:

Guard Trevor Ferguson, who has missed the past three games with a broken left hand, is returning to practice today and might play in N.C. State’s next game Saturday at Clemson, Wolfpack coach Sidney Lowe said Monday.

The left hand is Ferguson’s non-shooting hand, and he will wear a pad to protect it.

"We’ll have to see how it feels tomorrow and then how comfortable he is with that pad in terms of handling the ball, shooting the ball," Lowe said during Monday’s ACC coaches teleconference.

Without Fergie, we have, not surprisingly, taken far fewer threes:

 3FGA/FGA (Rk) 3FG%
FergiePlays 33.6 (148) 34.9
FergieOut 18.6 (343) 50.0