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Banged Up Heels

During his radio show, Roy Williams noted that Wayne Ellington hyper-extended his arm recently, while Psycho T suffered a "slight concussion" in the Miami game.

"Wayne Ellington hyper-extended his arm and strained some ligaments. We did an X-ray and a MRI on Thursday, he did it in the Duke game. Friday, he didn’t shoot a single 3-point shot in practice, so we didn’t know how sore his elbow was going to get. Ty Lawson was throwing up all day on Friday, and on Saturday, he could hardly practice. On Sunday, we’re at the shoot around and all of a sudden, he just takes off and runs to the bathroom. He was just not feeling well at all...

"And I don’t know if we’ve announced this or not, but I guess it’s all right – Tyler Hansbrough got a slight concussion in the [Miami] game early in the second half. So we had so many things going on, and yet the way they kept playing, even when Miami made that big run, [was good]."

Williams also mentioned that Ty Zeller could be back in time to make a small, ineffectual contribution on Wednesday.

During the call-in portion of the show, Williams provided a condescending eight-minute explanation to a dumb question posed by some ass hat calling from a Wal-Mart courtesy phone. Williams reiterated for the 238th time this season that yes, the coaching staff has thought about [new strategy/tactic/sweater-tie combo], you moron.