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It's been five conference games since Sidney Lowe recognized the sheer folly of leaving the human point spree that is the Macrowave on the bench. You might guess that a Smith-powered offense would be way more better than the alternative. You would be correct.

 Pace Off_Eff eFG% TO% OR% FTR
1st5 (1-4) 65.3 94.4 45.7 25.4 37.0 35.6
2nd5 (3-2) 71.5 110.6 56.8 20.8 29.2 41.5

Point guard play improved over the last five games, and Courtney Fells bounced back after a tough start to conference play. Also, some defenders have made the mistake of looking directly at Tracy Smith; those poor fools were instantly blinded in the presence of his glory (this has been a big key to the Pack's transition game). The result of these and other developments is one of the hottest offenses in the ACC; 1.1+ points per trip is elite-level efficiency.

Defensively, not much has changed. Opponents haven't been grabbing as many offensive boards but they've made up for it by shooting a higher percentage from the field.

 Pace Def_Eff eFG% TO% OR% FTR
1st5 (1-4) 65.3 108.8 49.5 19.1 41.2 30.1
2nd5 (3-2) 71.5 108.2 52.2 18.4 33.3 31.6