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Great Moments In Automobile Accessorizing

I didn't realize I needed this until just now:

The next time you're in a parking lot and hear a bull elk bugle or the voice of N.C. State announcer Gary Hahn shouting, "Over the goal line! Touchdown!" you can thank Joe Souders and his hunting buddies.

Souders, fellow Garner resident Arlen Carpenter and Ray Roberge of Knoxville, Tenn., own Antler Enterprises. Their product, Motor Mouth, uses a vehicle owner's keyless entry fob to activate a variety of sounds when the door is locked and unlocked.

Uncanny. The other day, as I locked my car and heard it beep a confirmation, I couldn't help but feel something was missing. That's nice, but it needs more Gary Hahn, I thought. But wait a second. A snippet of football play-by-play is wholly incongruent with the act of locking my car. Still...

If you'd like to hear the wolf howl every time you lock your car, now you can. I think I would actually prefer the golf sounds, though ("Hit the ball, Alice!"). Or the "You better lock it up."/"No, you lock it up!" exchange from Wedding Crashers, should they ever add that.