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Kenny Drummond Faces Arrest

An update on the Future Academy saga from the News-Record:

Kenny Drummond, who runs a Greensboro-based academy for basketball players with college hoop dreams, faces arrest for trying to raise money online without a license.

In December, the N.C. Secretary of State's office issued a cease-and-desist order for Drummond, founder of Future Academy. The citation seeks to stop Drummond from using his Web site to ask for money for a new project, which, until recently, he was promoting on a Web site.

Officials haven't served the warrant, because they have been unable to find Drummond.

Drummond's shady business practices have pissed off a lot of folks--the comments section from my initial post on the topic made 18 months ago remains active to this day. Kenny's niece even checked in with an attempt to defend the man:

Wow...I did not know that all this was going on. I do not know anything about my uncles business, but I really do not like he way that he is being portrayed by you asswholes. If he is doing wrong then yes he deserves to be criticized, but if he is really trying to help these kids that is great. Those of you that are calling my uncle a con artist can kiss our whole families ass. Get your fucking facts straight....he was not cut from the NBA team before he got started. Suck on that!
His Niece | 11.09.08 - 10:42 am |