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Lowe Might Hold Degand & Ferguson Out Of Wake Game

-- "...for violating team academic policy."

"I haven’t decided yet (whether they will play)," Lowe said during the ACC coaches' teleconference. "It’s something I’ve got to take a look at. First and foremost, those guys, everybody needs to hold up their end of the bargain, academically and rule wise, everything. And playing on the floor. And we’ll have to see."

I wonder if that policy is something along the lines of "don't take a PE course during basketball season when you're coming back from a freaking knee injury." But that only explains Farnold.

-- The Wake Forest game will not be televised but is available online via ACC Select. I'm leaning towards avoiding it entirely.

-- Photos from the VT game, courtesy the N&O. #27 says it all.

-- In-conference stats update (thru 2/5) from Basketball Prospectus. Thank goodness for Virginia.

-- I don't know what's going on here, but can we leave the tempo-free stats out of it?