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Previewing Virginia

2009 Scouting Report/Schedule
2009 Game Plan
2009 Stats
2009 Roster

Virginia Offense 07-08Four FactorsPercentNat'l RankeFG%50.3150Turnover Rate19.476Off Reb Rate36.060FTA/FGA35.3208Virginia Offense 08-09Four FactorsPercentNat'l RankeFG%46.2275Turnover Rate19.6111Off Reb Rate35.778

Virginia, honey, we never talk anymore. You skip out on the fall reunion for parts unknown and reluctantly re-enter the picture in late February? You're going to have to make this up to me. But anyway, how have things been? You... Oh. I see. I see. Shut up no way! No way! Up and gone after four years? And he took everything? Heavens, that is serious. Oh my god are you crying?

 In Conference Play
... Off_Eff (Rk) Def_Eff (Rk) Margin

UNC 115.6 (1) 101.0 (6) 14.6
Duke 104.3 (7) 93.3 (1) 11.0
Clem 109.0 (3) 99.6 (5) 9.4
Wake 104.5 (6) 98.3 (3) 6.2
FSU 99.2 (9) 96.8 (2) 2.4
BC 109.6 (2) 111.1 (12) -1.5
VT 106.2 (4) 109.1 (10) -2.9
Miami 105.1 (5) 108.5 (9) -3.4
NCSU 104.1 (8) 110.3 (11) -6.2
UMD 97.9 (10) 107.2 (7) -9.3
UVA 97.1 (11) 107.4 (8) :(
GT 88.8 (12) 99.3 (4) -10.5


Sammy Zeglinski (6-0, 179) -- Zeglinski held his own during the non-conference portion of the schedule, but conference play tends to be a rude awakening for young guys, and he's no exception: sub-40% shooting and a turnover rate north of 29%. He's hit a decent percentage of his twos, but his outside shooting has made hard hats a requirement in the paint. He is their most frequent and worst three-point shooter in ACC play, which is really not a good thing.

Leitao Contempt Level: Moderate. Kid's scrappy, you gotta give him that.

Jeff Jones (6-4, 200) -- Seeing more action of late, and he's taking a good chunk of the shots in conference play. His shooting has been a little more reliable in the last couple of weeks, but he's not someone the Cavs want to rely on.

Leitao Contempt Level: You Shut Your Mouth When You're Talking To Me.

Sylven Landesberg (6-6, 205) -- Landesberg has had a fine season, especially when you consider what he has to work with, which is nothing to speak of. He'll step outside occasionally, but that shot isn't there for him yet, and he prefers to do most of his damage inside the arc. He is unquestionably Virginia's primary scoring option, though his 46.1 effective field goal percentage in league play isn't blowing anybody away.

Leitao Contempt Level: Low.

Mike Scott (6-8, 233) -- As one of two guys in the rotation shooting over 50% in conference play--and the only guy making more than half of his twos--Scott's been an important contributor in the post. But I see a problem here...

In Conference Play (Minimum 40% Minutes Played)
.. %Shots eFG%

Landesberg 27.6 46.1
Tucker 23.4 58.3
Jones 23.2 44.9
Baker 19.2 44.7
Zeglinski 18.5 39.6
Scott 18.1 53.9
Sene 11.2 37.8

Leitao Contempt Level: Low-To-Moderate.

Assane Sene (7-0, 234) -- Pretty good rebounder and shot blocker, as you might expect, but he's a terrible shooter from both the field and the line, he turns the ball over too much, and he's foul-prone.

Leitao Contempt Level: Motherfucker I WILL CHOKE YOU.


Jamil Tucker (6-9, 241) and Calvin Baker (6-2, 186) are the notables. Tucker isn't much for rebounding or effective scoring in the paint, but he is a major threat from outside.

Virginia Defense 07-08Four FactorsPercentNat'l RankeFG%51.9259Turnover Rate18.8285Off Reb Rate29.234FTA/FGA33.2100Virginia Defense 08-09Four FactorsPercentNat'l RankeFG%49.0162Turnover Rate19.2251Off Reb Rate33.0184

Conference opponents have made 48.7% of their twos and 37.1% of their threes against UVA, which works out to a 50.8 effective field goal percentage. It's not a defense with any clear strengths, but they have at least managed not to be a complete disaster at this end. They may even be righting the ship a little bit, as they held both Clemson and Virginia Tech to under a point per possession.

The Pomeroy Predictor likes NC State by 7.