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Quick Final Thoughts; Also: Liveblog Tonight

Since the bottom line for the Pack is, as usual, that they must play really well while catching Carolina on an off night at the same time, I was hoping the Heels would be lights out against Miami so that perhaps we could benefit from a little short-term bounce back. But they didn't shoot very well in Coral Gables, so no luck there.

Defensive rebounding remains a huge key for the Wolfpack. UNC is grabbing 41.4% of its misses in conference play, which leads the league. They've had their way with State on the glass in three straight meetings, none of which were in doubt heading down the stretch. It's just too much to overcome. When you can't force turnovers, defensive rebounds are... etc. etc. You know the deal.

If nothing else, we have this consolation: there is no possible way we can play worse than we did in the Dean Dome last season. I think. I mean, what are the odds, right?

The Pomeroy Predictor expects Carolina to have no trouble with State's defense and score 92 points in 73 possessions--1.26 points per possession.