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ACC Championship: Dook 79, F$U 69

Ridiculous first-half three-point shooting by the Devils, coupled with a Pack-esque cold streak by the Noles late in the first half and into the second half, determined the outcome of this one long before the final buzzer. But like most Dook games, they got VERY three-happy, refusing to do anything but stand outside and jack up jumpers... and when they stopped going down (no, Skeletor, your team won't hit 70% from out there for the game), FSU had a chance to cut into the lead. Fortunately for Dook, FSU's 2-for-20'something stretch kept it from mattering.

Dook finished the game with... let's see here, 1, 2, 3, 4... that's it? Four G/D turnovers? For an entire game??? And two of those were in garbage time when it no longer mattered. Couple that with pretty stout offensive rebounding, particularly in the first thirty minutes, and you get an old-fashioned ass-whipping. Don't let the final score fool you - it wasn't that close.

Four Factors
Turnover Rate6.4
Off Reb Rate31.6
Four Factors
Turnover Rate20.0
Off Reb Rate22.2

Toney Douglas had a pretty forgettable day, after starting off strong. He never seemed to be able to get into the flow of the offense, alternating between forcing bad shots and not getting touches on some possessions because, quite honestly, his teammates looked tired of watching him gun it up.

At the end of the day, the better team won. But if Dook goes into the NCAA's (as they normally do) thinking they're going to win a title by standing outside and firing 3's, they'll be out (as they normally are) by the second weekend.