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ACC offiically craps itself in front of the nation (UPDATED with Pack tidbits)

BC gets exposed as a slow, unathletic team in a total dismantling at the hands of USC.

Wake gets absolutely humiliated... I mean, gets their pants pulled down and proven to be eunuchs... by Cleveland State, who dominates every facet of the game. How bad was it? Jeff Teague can't dribble the ball. No shit - he couldn't dribble under even token pressure. So yes, Dorothy, Cleveland State takes down what was at one point, in another time, in another galaxy, in another dimension, the #1 team in the land this season.

And FSU loses in overtime on a 3-point play with 2 seconds to go. They had a chance to win, but Douglas missed a 3 on their last possession that would've put them up 4. Instead, Wisconsin... YES, WISCONSIN.. takes down a team that just beat unc-ch a week ago.

Way to represent the league, ass-clowns.


I woke up to the realization that the way the first round scheduling worked, Day One and Day Two ended up being (1) ACC teams the Pack didn't beat this year, and (2) ACC teams the Pack DID beat this year.

Day 1 record (teams we didn't beat): 3-1
Day 2 record (teams we did): 0-3

And unless I'm mistaken, we only played one.... that's it? One other G/D team that's in the field of 65? Yep - and that team (Marquette) played on day one. And yep - they won, too.

So teams we played and didn't beat go 4-1. Teams that were inept enough to let us beat them go 0-3.

Don't tell the selection committee, but we may be a better predictor of who the top 65 should be than anything else. RPI? Sagarin? AP? ESPN? OOC SOS? Record in last 10 games? Screw all that... if a team sucks bad enough to let the Pack beat 'em, they stay home.

Seems fair to me.


Props to BJD at SFN who caught that it extends beyond the NCAA's. With Miami's loss last night, there are no teams still left in postseason play whom the Pack beat this year...