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Costner, Ferguson Say Goodbye; Josh Davis (?) Says Hello

Trevor Ferguson has seen the writing on the wall and will look for an opportunity elsewhere, while Brandon Costner is almost certainly on the way out as well.

Josh Davis, a two-star guard/forward from Raleigh, emerged from nowhere to announce his commitment to NC State today. No idea what to make of that.

So, looking ahead:

PG: Gonzalez / Degand / Mays (SG?)
SG: Brown (PG?) / Wood / Williams
SF: Horner / Thomas / Davis
PF: Howell / K. Smith?
C: T. Smith

Yeah, I'd say that's a new look. It's hard to picture this group grabbing many defensive boards. The coaches aren't done, though, so I'm sure another big will join the team before next season. But no matter what, a complete overhaul of our defensive philosophy is in order. Gotta force more turnovers just to avoid epic defensive fail.