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Live Wolves

Since this is a popular recurring joke among Wolfpack fans on message boards and elsewhere, I'm gonna assume he's kidding. But it is the Technician...

I know what we need to get over the hump in football next season – a pack of live wolves. Yes, real, snarling, growling, live wolves held on leashes by some poor intern working for the Athletic Department or maybe an actual trained handler through the Vet school. How intimidating would it be to place a handful of wolves behind the visiting team’s end zone during the game and have a player hold the leash for one of the wolves as they run out onto the field!?

Better than a handful of wolves: two handfuls of wolves pulling a sled on which the coaching staff enters the field. That would be so bad ass it would be worth at least two touchdowns. Three touchdowns if an opposing player gets too close and loses a limb.