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NCAA Day Two Open Post

So this one will be a bit more limited than yesterday... games start in a few...

Of particular interest today are:

Tennessee-Oklahoma State in the early game... a toss-up if I've ever seen one. Tennessee has enough talent to be much better than they are, but they simply haven't gotten it done. Is the SEC really going to be gone this weekend? I think so.

Temple-Arizona State in the next set... even without HWSNBN on the sidelines, this one's a test of exactly how crappy the Pac-10 really was this year. An ASU win doesn't say the Pac-10 didn't suck... but a loss is a severe blow. They were the new golden children this year. I'm thinking they get through round one, simply based on superior talent.

Southern Cal-Boston College in the 7pm... again, the Pac-10 gets a test, and I think they fail this one. Unless BC pulls a Clemson (aka a random white kid goes all Private Pyle & loses his f'ing sensibilities), they win this game.

Wisconsin-Florida State in the late games... the ACC's chance to go 6-1 through the first round, and they should do so. I mean, if the Pac-10 sucks, the Big-10 spews violently. Wisconsin is a slow, unathletic team that FSU should take behind the woodshed tonight. For some reason, though, I fear a cold night from Douglas and a monumental struggle. Hope I'm wrong.