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On Vacation

I've decided it's best to put some distance between myself and Wolfpack athletics for a while--about 5800 miles, give or take. I'm traveling tomorrow and will be gone until Monday the 23rd, but wolfonthehill will be holding down the fort in the meantime and recapping whatever post-season mischief the basketball team gets itself into.

The Pack's NIT hopes don't look so good, which means they're headed either to the CBI or that new College Insider tourney. Regardless of which of those two tournaments State ends up in, they'll be playing Tuesday or Wednesday.

HDNet will be televising some CBI games, so it's possible you can still catch the team on television one more time this season. (If you want to.) I plan to remain blissfully unaware of all of it.

When I get back I'll have one last look at the '09 season and some blog-related news.

I leave you with this from Furman Bisher.