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Only at NC State.

I uh... wow.

"As a whole we played well as a team," [Costner] said. "We've grown each game and gotten closer. The younger guys have really grown up and really learned how to play this game in the ACC.

"I consider it a success. You look at the win-loss column and what we just did here and you may not think so, but overall being a part of this team has been a great experience this year."

If this is the kind of thing that passes for leadership on this team, it's no wonder they've played with so little heart or effort over the last few weeks. Whatever you want to give is good enough, kids. How can someone on a team that finished 10th in its conference be in any way satisfied with that? You wouldn't even find this perspective coming from a nobody on a bullshit mid-major team. Although that's pretty much what State is, profile-wise, after being led for three years by this complacent, self-defeating mindset. You play for a program that's won two national titles, but never mind that. Your team went 16-14, which is not even good enough for the NIT, but never mind that. You had fun. Success!

I hope one day we have a group of guys who aren't just in this for the free lunches.