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The Third Annual S6 Awards

There are a lot of great basketball players in the ACC, and as each season concludes they are properly recognized and rewarded. But why should those guys hog the attention and the hardware just because they have talent? Hardly seems fair.

The Ekene Ibekwe Award
For hideous shooting in conference play.


Bobby Frasor, UNC, 36.2 eFG%
Chris Singleton, FSU, 40.2 eFG%
Deon Thompson, UNC, 41.2 eFG%
Brian Zoubek, Duke, 43.9 eFG%

The Ibekwe goes to...

It's one thing if you take your fair share of attempts from 15 feet and out, as those are inherently lower percentage shots, but if you're strictly a low post scorer, like Thompson and Zoubek, your bricklaying is all the more appalling. And if you're Deon Thompson and you've got the ACC Player of the Year at the point, a fantastic outside shooter at the two, an outstanding, versatile scorer at the three, and an air- and attention-sucking All-American at the other forward spot... how does this happen?

The Quentin Thomas Award
For most turnover prone player in conference play.


Ryan Reid, FSU, 40.6 TO%
Tanner Smith, Clemson, 32.6 TO%
Iman Shumpert, GT, 30.6 TO%
Brandon Costner, NCSU, 24.7 TO%

The award goes to...

Guys playing off the ball generally have to work extra hard to turn it over a bunch, and Ryan Reid--who averaged 5.4 turnovers per 40 minutes despite being asked to do absolutely nothing except maybe like shoot if you happen to get the ball under the basket and there's no one within three feet of you--certainly did. He had a higher TO% than any point guard that met the minutes requirement, which the awards committee has to admit is pretty fucking awesome.

The Tunji Soroye Hole In The Lineup Award
For lowest possession usage in conference play.


Cortney Dunn, BC, used 4.5% of team's possessions
David McClure, Duke, used 7.2% of team's possessions
Bobby Frasor, UNC, used 10.1% of team's possessions
LD Williams, WF, used 13.4% of team's possessions

The Soroye goes to...

Cortney Dunn, whose usage is a mere quarter of an average player's workload. Dunn took 15 shots in 250 minutes of playing time, or 2.4 FGA per 40 minutes. That's some epic non-participation. Come on, you guys, just let me touch the ball this one time.

The Anthony Harris Award

For the overall most inefficient performance in conference play.


Ryan Reid, FSU, 73.2 O Rtg
Sammy Zeglinski, UVA, 74.4 O Rtg
Dino Gregory, UMD, 84.0 O Rtg
Iman Shumpert, GT, 84.2 O Rtg

The Harris goes to...

Ryan Reid, who almost single-handedly made Florida State impossible to take seriously. In addition to his previously noted turnover issues, he made less than 45% of his twos and barely half his free throws. Sometimes it all comes together.

The Impressively Short Tall Guy Award
For defensive rebounding like a girl in conference play.


Josh Southern (6-10), BC, 11.6 DR%
Zach Peacock (6-8), GT, 9.8 DR%
Brad Sheehan (6-11), GT, 13.2 DR%
Lance Thomas (6-8), Duke, 10.1 DR%
Brian Zoubek (7-1), Duke, 14.5 DR%

The award goes to...

This one fueled a lengthy debate within the awards committee, as all of the nominees rebound like players 5-6 inches shorter than they are. Ultimately, Brian Zoubek, the group's tallest, got the nod. Height isn't everything when you have a two inch vertical and are only capable of moving in super slo-mo. His development has been somewhat hampered by the fact that coaches cannot slow down his game film because it would take three hours to break down a single post move. But at least he's not breaking any nails out there; joke's on you, Mr. Hustle!

The Terrence Oglesby Award
For he who is without shame in conference play.

The Oglesby goes to...

Terrence Oglesby.

Oglesby 28.1
Booker 21.0

SERIOUSLY DUDE WHAT THE FUCK YOU HAVE TREVOR BOOKER ON YOUR TEAM. You deserve to be routinely pelted with the sharpest rocks that the state of South Carolina has to offer.