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Virginia Pumps The Brakes

As the Calipari/Kentucky saga continues (following those wild rumors on Twitter has been fun; and what's up with this?), Virginia has apparently decided to hire Tony Bennett from Washington State. UVA fans don't seem thrilled:

Judging by the reaction on to the Bennett news, Athletic Director Craig Littlepage will need to work hard to hype up the hire.

"If this is true I am seriously thinking about getting rid of my season tickets," wrote TheGreatHooFan.

"Face it, we will always be bush league," lamented Kenny Saw.

If he brings his system with him, Virginia will be easily the league's most methodical team. In three seasons at WSU, Bennett's Cougars ranked 322nd, 335th, and 340th in adjusted tempo. They averaged an adjusted 58.7 possessions per 40 minutes in 2009. I suspect Littlepage has his work cut out for him with regards to the hype thing.