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We have been zinged.

Tom Sorensen:

How many teams do you despise? I know that some of you despise the basketball team at North Carolina or Duke, and if you're an N.C. State fan, you despise North Carolina, Duke and N.C. State.

Well, you're spent. How about a mother's basement joke?

Others despise everything. I know because you send me e-mail. You even despise your parents for charging you to live in their basement. Hey, lots of 34-year-olds live in their parents' basement, especially in this economy. But most of them at least moved out before moving back. Dude, you've been down there since your second sophomore year of high school.

Groan. I'll just quote FJM here:


In his mother's basement!!!!!

In his fucking mother's fucking basement!

Holy shit.

Holy shit, you guys.

In his mother's basement!


In his mother's basement.

He fucking nailed it, you guys.

Nailed it. Jesus.

Man. Okay. Just...that was awesome, is all. Awesome.