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Football scrimmage and etc.

-- Audio of TOB's post-scrimmage press conference is available here. If the scrimmage stats are any indication, Russell Wilson has retained the awesome he found last season, which is good. Not that I was concerned. He and Glennon combined to throw for 312 yards on 31 attempts, which is either encouraging (10 YPA yay quarterbacks) or worrisome (secondary oh noes) depending on how you want to look at it.

-- The Charlotte Observer's Scott Fowler examines the legend of David Thompson. Never knew DT couldn't palm a basketball. Also, I wonder if there's any footage somewhere of that dunk against UNCC.

-- Not surprisingly, there's someone who doesn't think Tony Bennett's system fits in the ACC. By the way, I've about had it with the phrase "a good fit." At least when it comes to coaching carousel articles. See:

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