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Spring Game Notes

Wooooooooo football woooooooooo.

Because Saturday will mark the last day that the field will be used for football, head coach Tom O’Brien wanted fans to be able to come down to the field for pictures, so he decided to move the postgame ‘Meet and Greet’ session with the team down to the field level.

"We wanted the kids to be able to run around on the field and see the stadium from the players’ and coaches’ perspective," he said. "I have a feeling there might be some older ‘kids’ who might want to come down as well, so the whole team will be down there following the game to meet the fans."

Game starts at 1 PM. I'll have some thoughts and photos posted here afterward.

Two other quick items:

-- All Access Football interviews Willie Young.

-- What was once Damon's is now the Backyard Bistro. It'll be open on Saturday. (Thanks to @mync for the heads up.)