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Follow Matt Hill's Title Run

After a slow start to today's second round dropped Matt Hill into a tie for sixth place, Hill rallied to shoot three-under over the last eight holes. He's back in a tie for first at -4 overall, and while he may not enter Thursday's final round in that position, he'll certainly be right in the thick of it. You can track his progress here.

Elsewhere, Clemson's Terrence Oglesby has decided that he wants to get paid:

Then came the news that blindsided Clemson coach Oliver Purnell on Tuesday morning when sophomore Terrence Oglesby informed him that he was leaving to play pro ball in either Italy or Spain.


Oglesby, according to sources, is hoping to command somewhere in the vicinity of $500,000 per season. While money was a factor in Calathes' decision, Oglesby said the financial end was of no concern in his ultimate decision.

While he may have better served the Tigers by being more selective with his shots, he was nonetheless an efficient high-usage player in 2009, and those don't exactly grow on trees. How far can Trevor Booker carry the offense? Is Ray Dungeon ready to fulfill his destiny? Stay tuned.