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Mildly Scandalous

I suppose it's just years of on-the-record conditioning at work, but it's a bit disappointing that college coaches can't fully drop the gloves even when blessed with anonymity:

Boston College: "I think the offensive line has gone down every year since 2006, when I thought it was they were the best offensive line I'd seen. But they've deteriorated since then." -- An opposing ACC assistant coach.

It'd be funny if the unnamed assistant were NC State OL coach Don Horton, who coached BC's offensive line from 2003 to 2006.

Maryland: "They're probably one of the last teams in the ACC that really come off the ball and really try to get downhill and run the ball at you. But they don't scare me." –– An opposing ACC assistant coach.

I love the tone of this comment. Maryland football: how quaint!