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MLB Draft Complete (Updated)

The first 30 rounds are in the books, and here's the damage:

Daniel Tuttle (RHP) -- 5th rd, Cincinnati Reds
Jimmy Gillheeney (LHP) -- 8th rd, Seattle Mariners
Dane Williams (RHP) -- 15th rd, Chicago White Sox
Sam Brown (RHP) -- 22nd rd, Texas Rangers
Marlon Mitchell (C) -- 27th rd, Philadelphia Phillies

Tuttle, Williams, and Mitchell are NC State signees.

I'm guessing Tuttle will go pro despite the Cincinnati/National League double whammy.

According to Future Sox, Dane Williams would have gone considerably higher but for signability issues. I get the sense that if the Sox are willing to shell out the six-figure signing bonus he wants, he'll go pro. Win-win for me, though.

As for Mitchell:

"Everything has to be right," said Mitchell, an N.C. State recruit who expressed similar sentiments as Lockwood and Taylor, both USF recruits. "I like my scholarship at N.C. State and the program there. I'm still negotiating, and I don't know yet. I think I'll know by the end of the summer, but hopefully sooner."

Update: Results from rounds 31-50...

John Lambert (LHP) -- 34th rd, Chicago Cubs
Daniel Canela (C) -- 37th rd, Detroit Tigers
Tarran Senay (OF) -- 38th rd, Detroit Tigers
Kyle Rutter (RHP) -- 41st rd, Boston Red Sox
Anthony Tzamtzis (RHP) -- 43rd rd, Houston Astros
Rey Cotilla (RHP) -- 48th rd, Milwaukee Brewers

Canela, Cotilla, Senay, and Tzamtzis are NC State signees.

Full draft results.